For those who love sandwiches

The Breakfast Club

Here we have a sandwich designed for the Bacon Lover. In other words, a sandwich designed for everyone. The vegetables are optional. The mayonaisse is optional. The bread is optional. In fact, this should be called a “B w/o LT” since I usually eat the bacon before making the sandwich. Warning: If you choose to eat the bacon before finishing the sandwich, throw out the sandwich. It will taste horrible.


Cheesesteak 2

What You’ll Need:


How to Prepare:

Put Bread on Plate.
Put Lettuce on Bread.
Put Tomato on Lettuce.
Cook the Bacon.
Put Bacon on Tomato.
Put Mayonnaise on Bread.
Put Bread on Bacon.

How to Eat:

Slowly. With your mouth.

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