For those who love sandwiches


This is a classic culinary achievement.  Italian sandwiches are easy to make and great to make ahead of time for parties.  Call up your friends and enjoy this wonderfully full tasting sandwich while watching a football game or just chilling with some friends.   Dig in!



What you will need:

Baguette bread or French bread
Iceberg lettuce
Sliced Genoa salami
Sliced Capacola
Sliced ham
Provolone cheese
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Pickle slices
Crushed oregano and garlic salt
Red onions rings
Sliced tomatoes

How to prepare:

  • Cut the bread lengthwise and open up the sandwich
  • Line the bread with lettuce (this will make your sandwich crunchy)
  • Build the layers with the cheese and the 3 different kinds of meat
  • Add the tomatoes, onions, crushed oregano and garlic salt
  • Sprinkle the olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Place to pickle spears across the vegetables
  • Close the sandwich and place long toothpicks into the bread to keep it closed
Hint:  There is nothing better than chips on the side and gelato for dessert.

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