For those who love sandwiches


Of course, Dagwood, the famous cartoon character, isn’t the only one who loves to eat this enormous sized sandwich. With lots of everything, and a long wooden skewer to hold it together, this makes for a great party meal.  Just sit back and watch your friend’s eyes pop when you put this out on the table.



What you will need:

10 slices of rye bread
An assortment of green leaf, romaine and red leaf lettuce
¼ lb. each of thinly sliced white American cheese, provolone cheese, cheddar cheese and Pepperjack cheese.
¼ lb. each of thinly sliced turkey, pastrami, salami, ham, pepperoni and roast beef
Beefsteak tomato sliced thinly
5 pieces of crispy cooked bacon
Mustard and mayonnaise combined

How to prepare:

  • Lay out 5 slices of bread and evenly spread the mayo and mustard mixture onto the bread.
  • Layer the meat and cheeses evenly among the bread slices.
  • Top each sandwich with tomato slices, bacon and lettuce leaves.
  • Top each sandwich with the remaining 5 slices of bread.
  • To build the Dagwood sandwich, stack all 5 sandwiches on top of each other with lettuce leaves in between.
  • To stabilize the sandwich, put long wooden skewers through all 5 sandwiches.
  • Place 1 cherry tomato and 1 pickle slice at the top of the skewer.

You have now completed your Dagwood Sandwich and are ready for your friends to peel off as much of the sandwich as they want. 

Hint: This sandwich can be made with white bread however; I recommend a heartier type of bread. Don’t forget all the side dishes that go with this sandwich, such as potato salad, coleslaw, or macaroni salad and of course, chips.  Enjoy!!

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